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Getting Started: The Care Process

  • Initial Call and Confidential Meeting to Discuss Needs and Preferences
  • Care Plan is Identified
  • A Compatible Match is Made
  • Caring Services Provided
  • Regular Follow-up to Ensure Quality Care

Each Customer is Our Most Important Customer

We understand the needs of each customer and tailor our service to meet their individual needs. We treat our customers like family, addressing them by first names when they call and greeting them with a smile. We ensure complete satisfaction often going above the call of duty. We first listen before we speak.

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    Our Leadership

    Photo of Christi Johnson

    Caring for People Services of Elkhorn owner Christi Johnson grew up in the Omaha area and attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha to earn her Bachelor’s degree in Business. She worked in the golf industry for several years before deciding to be a full-time mom and raise her three children.

    In 2003, she went back to the University of Nebraska at Omaha to get her Bachelor’s in Education. She then worked for 9 years as a substitute teacher in the public school systems in the Omaha area, and discovered her passion for helping people. Her desire to make a difference in the lives of others is what has led her to make the change to working with Caring for People Services


    Areas Serviced in Nebraska

    • Ames
    • Arlington
    • Bennington
    • Blair
    • Cedar Bluffs
    • Colon
    • Elk City
    • Elkhorn
    • Fontanelle
    • Fremont
    • Gretna
    • Hooper
    • Inglewood
    • Ithaca
    • Kennard
    • Leshara
    • Mead
    • Nickerson
    • Pohocco
    • Valley
    • Venice
    • Wahoo
    • Wann
    • Washington
    • Waterloo
    • Yutan

    About Caring For People Services

    • We are committed to providing professional, ethical and quality service.
    • Our employees are carefully screened, insured, and trained, but they are more than just qualified. They are also compassionate, dependable and trustworthy.
    • We genuinely care for people. Try our services and quickly discover what sets CARING for People Services® apart. Our caregivers go the extra mile in order to provide the highest standard of care for you or your loved one.

    CFPS was one of the first companies to enter the in-home care/non-medical home care industry. We have the compassion for people who don’t need an institutional setting, but still need some assistance to live at home.

    The demand for in-home care and non-medical home care services has never been greater. An aging population, shorter hospital stays and a general preference for aging at home are fueling demand for in-home services that help preserve independence. In addition, families are struggling to provide appropriate levels of care for their aging loved ones, while also trying to fulfill the normal responsibilities of their everyday life. Our services help meet all their commitments.

    Thomas Layton’s Legacy

    John and Virginia Walker started CARING for People Services® in 2005 after their son, Thomas Layton, lost his battle with cancer at the age of 26.

    As described by his father, Thomas had a heart made of gold, always going out of his way to help those around him. Thomas was living in California when he began experiencing very severe headaches. Doctors discovered a tumor quickly swelling inside his head and operated. The Walker family brought Thomas home to Omaha following his procedure. Caring for Thomas was a 24 hour, 7 day a week commitment for Virginia until he passed away.

    To honor Thomas’ memory, John and Virginia felt compelled to help others find caring people to help their loved ones in need. CARING for People Services® was formed with the goal to provide compassionate care for people of all ages through professional, ethical and quality service.



    Caring for People Services provides in-home, non-medical home care services for people of all ages. We are dedicated to helping our clients lead dignified, independent lifestyles in the comfort and safety of their own homes.


    We strive to provide the tools and environment necessary to bring both personal and professional development to each of our employees. We view the growth and development of our employees not merely as a means for increasing profits, but as an end in itself.

    Serve our Customers

    Our customers deserve the same level of quality, efficiency, value, and professionalism that we would want for ourselves. We believe our company exists to serve our loved ones.

    Expand our Business Profitably

    We must steward the financial resources of our investors wisely. We strive to return the highest profit possible under the guidelines of our objectives. This is achieved through constant innovation, improvement, creative marketing, reducing costs, listening to our customers, and fulfilling our commitments.

    Our Promises to the Employee


    We Provide a Path of a Rewarding Work Environment

    We provide training to protect the health and well-being of both our employees and clients. We equip our employees with the knowledge and tools to serve our clients with their needs.

    We Instill and Promote Leadership, Principles, and Personal Growth

    We strive to provide our employees with a career. We take pride in our work. We are emotionally intelligent leaders who view our employees as members of a team rather than a means to an end. We provide opportunities for advancement and reward excellence with our bonus programs, we abide by our core objectives instilling sound moral, ethical, and compassion to the people we serve.

    We Help People Reach Their Goals

    We get to know each of our employees on a personal level, understanding their hopes, dreams, and aspirations. We use a coaching style of leadership coupled with constructive feedback to help our employees develop. We challenge and encourage each other.

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